This is the second issue of volume two (Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development).
The Journal continues to capture debate on conflict management and sustainable development agenda.
Conflict management and sustainable development must be pursued hand in hand for the sake of human
and ecological well-being.

There can be no meaningful development without proper and efficacious conflict management

The articles in this issue cover topics such as: the principle of finality in arbitral proceedings; nexus
between human security and human rights; the concept of legitimate expectation in International
Investment Law; evictions in Kenya; and gender issues in the development process.

We continue to receive feedback on the content of the Journal. The editorial team aims to continually
improve the Journal and will take on board all comments and views received.

We are grateful to the team that makes it possible to produce this Journal. This includes the Editorial
Board, the Editor, the Reviewers and the individual writers who contribute articles to the Journal.


Dr Kariuki Muigua, PhD, FCIArb, Chartered Arbitrator, Accredited Mediator.
Managing Editor, July 2018.