Scope of Journal

The Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary online journal published bi-annually which is based on themes such as:

International and National Conflict; Conflict management; Conflict resolution; Dispute Settlement; Approaches to Conflict Management; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Traditional Dispute Resolution Mechanisms; Environmental Conflicts;  Gender; Social Reform and Development; Climate Change; Energy; Food Security; Human Rights; Waste Management; Agriculture; Biodiversity; Water; Oceans and Fisheries; African Development; the Environment and Sustainable Development in general.

The Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development publishes original and review articles around the above-mentioned themes.

The Journal seeks to give its readers, scholars and researchers a platform to share the latest trends and revolutionary out-of-the-box-ideas in research and practice in the areas of conflict management, sustainable development and related areas.  This is an open access Journal, available to the online community without the payment of subscription fees by readers or publication fees by authors.

All research articles submitted to the Journal shall undergo thorough peer review by the members of the Editorial Board. This shall include preliminary editor screening and blind refereeing by at least two reviewers.

In this process, the peer reviewer’s identity is kept confidential, and the author’s identity is not revealed to the reviewer. This is to ensure a fair and unbiased review of each manuscript.