The Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development is a peer-reviewed/refereed interdisciplinary online bi-annual publication. It is a forum for academic discourse in conflict management in all fields as countries pursue sustainable development.

The Journal is aimed at a worldwide audience and is meant to spur debate among academics and persons interested in conflict management and sustainable development.

The editor welcomes contributions by way of articles, commentaries, book reviews and reflections covering the themes of conflict management and sustainable development.

This Issue carries articles covering diverse areas such as Environmental Justice; the Resource Curse; Mediation and the Role of women in Peace and Security; African Traditional Justice Systems; Management of Commercial Disputes; Arbitration and its efficacy; and Online Dispute Resolution.

I would recommend this Journal to academics, conflict managers, Environmentalists and the general reader interested in its thematic coverage.

Kariuki Muigua, Ph.D., FCIArb, Chartered Arbitrator

Managing Editor

Nairobi, 2017