Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development

Volume 3 Issue 1, 2019

Editor’s Note

Welcome to Volume Three Issue one of the Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development (Journal of CMSD, Vol 3(1)).

The themes of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development continue to be relevant.

The Sustainable Development Goals are now the backdrop against which discourse on issues that touch on the human and ecological wellbeing is based.

There has been a debate on how to eradicate poverty, achieve cleaner habitats, ensure access to justice/ gender equity and how to utilise international trade as a tool to promote human rights and sustainable development.

This Issue contains articles covering various themes such as: the interrelationship between International Investment Law and Policy in Africa, and the Human Rights, Environmental Damage and Sustainable Development; the Legacies of Colonialism and the place of Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) in the teaching of International Law in Kenya; the merits and demerits of management of community land conflicts through arbitration in Kenya; and the status of South Africa with regard to either monism or dualism in its observance of international law, and whether South African law exhibits an interaction of partly monist and partly dualist (monist-dualist) complementary application of international law and domestic law. The prospects and challenges of environmental litigation in Kenya have also been explored in an article that discusses the low environmental caseload in Kenya’s Environment and Land Court and the required reforms to increase the said caseload.

These themes are relevant in the context of many African states and thus useful for a wider scope of readers.

The Journal is peer reviewed so as to ensure the highest quality possible.

Feedback received from the readers has shaped the Journal positively. We aim at continuous improvement.

The Journal reaches a worldwide audience of scholars, policy makers and institutions interested in conflict management and achievement of Sustainable Development.

We appreciate the Editorial Board, the Publisher, the Reviewers, and the contributors. Teamwork makes it possible to produce the Journal and keep it running.


Dr Kariuki Muigua, PhD, FCIArb, Chartered Arbitrator, Accredited Mediator.

Managing Editor, May 2019.