Editor’s Note

Welcome to Volume Three Issue Number Two of the Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development (Journal of CMSD, Vol 3(2)).

The same is available online at https://journalofcmsd.net. It can also be downloaded and printed.

The Journal is peer reviewed so as to enhance quality.

The articles cover the theme of sustainable development noting to highlight the role of conflict management.

This Issue contains articles that examine the following themes: the place of Socio-Economic Rights in achieving Sustainable Development agenda; challenges arising in protecting traditional knowledge using the intellectual property system; Applicability of Arbitration in Management of Community Land Disputes; and the modernisation of Legal Practice in Kenya. These are all diverse but relevant topical issues in the sustainable development agenda.

The Journal of CMSD is growing by the day. It is a useful reference resource for academics and the keen reader with an interest in conflict management and sustainable development.

I thank the authors, editorial team, reviewers and other team members who make publication possible.


Dr Kariuki Muigua, PhD, FCIArb, Chartered Arbitrator, Accredited Mediator.

Managing Editor, October, 2019.